✅ Over 157m accounts in the database

✅ 35+ metrics for influencer vetting

✅ Best-in-Class AI Fraud Detection

Audience Credibility

We scan influencer audience for suspicious growth patterns, mass followers, bot comments, and other fraudulent activity, and show you a simple to understand Audience Credibility score.

Location by Country

We calculate the country of influencers' followers and provide it to you in a simple-to-use chart. No need to ask each influencer for their country demo, wait days for a reply (if the influencer replies at all), check it all yourself!

Age & Gender

We provide age & gender demographics so you can be sure your influencer has the right demo for your message. No need to request potentially fraudulent screenshots from influencers.

Audience Lookalikes

Find other influencers that have similar audiences such as age brackets, gender, location, language, interests, and brand affinity.

Audience Reachability

Make sure the audience is reachable by analyzing how many other accounts the followers are following, if the followers are following too many accounts, the likelihood of that follower seeing influencer's post is low.

And Other Features

✅ Contact Information (Email or Phone # when available in public)

✅ Audience Interests (Categories like Travel, Cooking, TV, etc.)

✅ Notable Followers, Commenters and Likers (Influencers that engage)

✅ Top Hashtags (#hashtags used in post captions)

✅ Top Mentions (@usernames used in post captions)

✅ Follower History Graph (Last 6 months)

✅ Likes History Graph (Last 6 months)

✅ PDF or JSON Download of the File

✅ Brand Affinity

✅ Top Posts