Check Instagram accounts for fake followers

Login to your Instagram account first.
You can use your own Instagram account, or create a throw-away one.

We analyzed over 5k submissions to come up with these benchmarks:

  • Under 10% fake = this is your average instagram user. generally has good, real friends/fans as followers.
  • Under 15% fake = decent instagram user, majority of influencers fall into this threshold.
  • 15% to 20% fake = gray area, users with large following (brands) will be allowed some margin of error.
  • Over 20% fake = the user was certainly engaged in buying followers at some point.
  • Over 30% fake = most of the followers are bots mixed with inactive, fake followers.

Note: Users with lower following (less than 1k) tend to have higher % of fakes because they are genereally followed by friends that are not very active. Brands/personalities with higher number of followers (more than 1M) also have this risk because they could be targeted by bots without knowing it.